CoreVUE - A revolutionary post-quantum encryption key management system



 CoreVUE™ – An elegant, lightweight, yet extremely powerful new schema for providing data security to your network, regardless of hardware or operating system. CoreVUE eliminates the barriers to enabling encryption everywhere and anywhere in your enterprise. 

CoreVUE™ is the foundation of our product offering. The CoreVUE™ application handles data encryption processes, and data transfer through our innovative solution. The encryption system will be FIPS 140-2 certified and we are obtaining relevant certifications in the Healthcare, ICS/SCADA, and international regulatory schemes.

CoreVUE™ is a patent pending separate, licensable product that can be embedded into hardware or software systems as part of any “cybersecurity built-in” initiative in an organization. Due to the certification status of the encryption product, developers will be able to move rapidly through system certifications for their own systems.

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TunnelVUE™ engineers will work hand-in-hand with your developers to integrate our solution in your system, providing valuable time savings through the re-use of key documentation and test planning/execution.   

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Multi-factor post-quantum methodology

Wraps every packet in an encrypted session (including the very first packet) with a separately-established, unique key for each session and a unique key for every packet. 


Fully-automated & Zero-provisioned

Dynamic encryption key management system that is 100% software-based.

Zero human intervention required for key management, distribution, storage, or usage. 

Simplifying the network with CoreVUE reduces operating overhead, thus lowering the need for specialized network security products.