CoreVUE™ – An elegant, lightweight, yet extremely powerful new application for providing robust data security to your network, regardless of hardware or operating system. CoreVUE™ eliminates the barriers to enabling encryption everywhere and anywhere in your enterprise. 

Using any symmetric algorithm, CoreVUE™ encrypts every packet with a dynamic key unique to each packet. Then for each session on a device, symmetrically generates a unique key for each session. Every packet key and every session key are always unique and different, thus establish a dynamic virtual one-time pad during every session. This automatic dynamic key issuance coupled with dual layer encryption strengthens existing symmetric encryption to tough quantum resistance available nowhere else.

CoreVUE™ is a separate, patent pending, licensable product that can be embedded into firmware or software systems as part of any “cyber security built-in” initiative in an organization. Since CoreVUE™ requires no certification of itself, developers will be able to move rapidly through system certifications for their own systems.

Additional Information

TunnelVUE™ engineers will work hand-in-hand with your developers to integrate our solution in your system, providing valuable time savings through the re-use of key documentation and test planning/execution.   



Multi-factor post-quantum methodology

Once installed, every packet in a communications session (including the very first packet) is encrypted with a separately-established, unique key for each session and a unique key for every packet. This process produces cryptology that is immune to the mathematical weaknesses of PKI. 


Fully-automated & Zero-provisioned

The dynamic encryption key management system is 100% software-based and is  agnostic to all operating systems or hardware.

It establishes a zero-trust environment with no human intervention required for key management, distribution, settings, storage, or usage. 

CoreVUE requires no hardware or firmware. It reduces operating overhead, thus lowering the need for specialized network security management or products.