We view technology through the lens of ingenuity. We protect and defend against vulnerabilities by pioneering visionary technology solutions. As explorers of the innovation age, we understand the flow of data and the risks within the darkest caverns of the Web.


Imagine the possibilities when you enable encryption everywhere in your enterprise

Tunnel VUE is an emerging corporation founded to employ innovation in creating solutions to intractable problems primarily in the area of information technology. Applications will benefit worldwide entities including corporate, military, government, and private enterprise and agencies. 


Network and Enterprise Security Solutions

Dynamic key management using our radically new, patent pending process encrypts every session differently, and encrypts every packet differently. And it works  on your existing hardware and operating systems. 


Undeniable Attribution

A singular "relationship" is established between every device and the server or "trusted zone." All encrypted data travels to and from the "trusted zone" and every device is singularly identifiable--therefore completely attributable to the device from which it flows.

Advantages of our product


Total Enterprise Security Never Before Possible

For the first time you can encrypt everything between your main server or trusted source and all of the devices in your enterprise using a lightweight application that operates automatically after initialization.  


Reduced IT Support Costs

With encryption enabled everywhere using our elegant software application, complex hardware and security configurations of routers, switches and firewalls becomes obsolete. No human resources are needed to operate and manage this sophisticated yet simple solution. 



Specialized network security products, keys, training, and maintenance are no longer needed. The zero-trust environment established eliminates almost all human intervention and error.